Insurance Programs for Restaurants

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Insurance rarely works well in a one-size fits all approach, and nowhere is this more true than with restaurant insurance. The word 'restaurant' can't possibly capture the differences between coffee shops, delis, fast food, fast casual dining, casual, and elegant establishments. Add to that the differences between running one establishment or a chain of restaurants and then multiply the variations within operations like liquor service, valet and check room service and it is clear that the right insurance program for one restaurant operation may be totally inadequate for another.

Our experience allows us to effectively analyze your individual needs and craft the right program from a range of options like liquor liability, coverage for food contamination or spoilage (loss of power for freezers, etc.), insurance for check room theft, crime/employee dishonesty protection, valet liability, business interruption due to utility outage, and more.

Wilson, Timmons & Wallerstein, Inc. can help you implement employee training, loss control measures and claim management programs to minimize and manage several risks to your restaurant business such as employee turnover and insurance costs. And we can help your business avoid disruptive and potentially devastating losses and lawsuits.

Our restaurant insurance team has years of experience in the restaurant industry and insurers restaurants over Virginia. We can help your restaurant as well.

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