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Getting the right insurance protection, superior claim service when you need it, ultimate convenience, and the right price can seem like a tall order. But Wilson, Timmons & Wallerstein Insurance, Inc. makes it seem easy.

Holiday travel sometimes means ice, snow, and freezing cold. Traveling means even those of us living in warmer climes may need to confront driving in hostile conditions. Before you leave home is the best time to review some winter driving and travel tips.


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Food Allergy Awareness

Hosting a family dinner this holiday? There's a very good chance that a guest at your table will be allergic to something you're thinking of serving. Here's what you need to know about food allergies and how to be hospitable, no matter who you're hosting.

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November is National Sleep Comfort Month

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of healthy living. The New York Times recently proclaimed that "sleep is the new status symbol," and recent studies have blamed a lack of sleep for everything from poor academic performance to weight gain to relationship problems. So how much sleep do you really need? Probably more than you're getting. The CDC recommends a minimum of 7 hours, even for adults. Children and teens need even more, so if you're a parent, be sure to help your child get to bed at a reasonable hour each night.

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