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Erika Killmon -

My husband loves to work on cars. Right now, our convertible is sitting in our garage on jack stands because he started his new project this weekend.
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Running a family business in with your spouse as your business partner or another family member means that there are struggles outside the boundaries of the typical business day.For all family businesses in Virginia, here are some tips for leaving the family drama behind.
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In a classic "Saturday Night Live" sketch, actor and comedian Steve Martin once gave the most underrated advice on how to become a millionaire: "First, you get a million dollars." But if that doesn't work for you, try these inspirational ideas from some of the world's most famous self-made entrepreneurs:
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Technology and social trends have driven a wave of telecommuting. Many of us work at home at least on some days while some may work from home all the time. For that reason, more and more homes contain a designated office area; with increasing frequency that area is a room.

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