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Artisan contractors like carpenters, roofers, electricians and plumbers often have basic insurance needs taken care of through a Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP), but a BOP isn't designed to provide coverage for all business risks, especially those faced by contractors.  Floaters may be necessary to cover equipment; business auto insurance may be needed to cover trucks used primarily in business, and many states require contractor employers to provide workers compensation insurance.

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Construction Contractors Need Special Types of Insurance

Construction businesses need the same kind of insurance as other businesses, but special situation unique to the building trades mean you often need supplemental insurance.  Examples include insurance floaters to cover equipment and machinery in transit or during testing; builders risk policies to cover the ever-increasing value of a structure as a job moves toward completion; bid or other bonds may be required for many jobs.


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Ocean marine insurance is sometimes referred to as "wet" Marine Insurance. Since Ocean marine insurance is designed for property transported by water it would seem to make sense that Inland Marine Insurance would apply to goods and property transported by land and could be called "dry" Marine Insurance. That is accurate enough but not nearly a complete description of Inland Marine Insurance.
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