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There has been an explosion of mobile devices that can access the Internet. Mobile Internet access began before the iPhone, but prior to Apple's introduction of this landmark device, most mobile web users were accessing the Internet on devices designed specially for business, specifically smart phones from Blackberry and Palm. But then Apple made mobile web access a consumer game as well.

Our Mobile WebsiteAnd once Google entered the mobile scene with their Android operating system, consumer mobile web access shot up again. According to a report from big data analyst Flurry, Android and iOS, smart phones have captured a 55 percent share of the U.S. smart phone market.

Of course, mobile isn't confined just to smart phones. In February of 2012, Apple's Tim Cook mentioned that Apple had sold 55 million iPads to-date, and Google and others have entered this arena as well.

We know an increasing number of our Virginia business and personal insurance clients are surfing the web on mobile devices now. We anticipated this trend from day one by providing you with a mobile version of our website. You don't need to do anything special to access either our smart phone or tablet version website, our servers will automatically detect your mobile device and serve up the appropriate website for fast service and access to information.

If you haven't already done so, you may want to bookmark our website on your mobile device. Ready access may come in handy for several reasons:

  • You may be out of town and realize you need to pay your bill. Most of our insurance companies have online bill payment options and all those links are available from the Billing page of our website.
  • The mobile websites come with instructions for auto and home claims as well as all the 800 numbers for claim reporting. Think of your smart phone as your glove box claim kit.
  • We also have detailed product lists, Quote forms, insurance videos, cell phone interactive driving directions. (depending on your device) and much more.

Answers to those questions are just a click away on your tablet or phone.

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